Clairol Professional Collections

  • See the Care and Styling collections from Clairol Professional

    FLARE™ Permanent Cream Color

    Vivid shades with built-in gloss, for energized color and 100% smooth gray coverage.

    See FLARE™ Collection
    See the Care and Styling collections from Clairol Professional

    Classic Collection

    Permanent liquid shades that give you classic Miss Clairol tonal results with a modern formula for improved shine and conditioning.

    See Classic Collection
  • Clairol Professional SOY4PLEX Collection

    SOY4PLEX Collection

    Liquid & Crème
    SOY4PLEX-enriched permanent and demi-permanent hair color formulas with dedicated developers.

    See SOY4PLEX Collection
    Beautiful Collection from Clairol Professional

    Beautiful Collection

    Moisturizing Color & Advanced Gray Solution
    Rich, long-lasting semi-permanent hair color without damage, even after relaxing.

    See Beautiful Collection
  • Textures  & Tones Collection from Clairol Professional

    Textures & Tones

    Moisture-rich, permanent hair color for bold color, effective gray coverage and vibrant shine.

    See Textures & Tones Collection
    Jazzing Collection from Clairol Professional


    Translucent shades spice up colored, permed and relaxed hair for shiny, sheer, no-commitment temporary color.

    See Jazzing Collection
  • Radiance Colorgloss Collection from Clairol Professional

    Radiance Colorgloss

    Long-lasting, ammonia free, semi-permanent hair color for superior shine and conditioning.

    See Radiance Collection
    Basic White Powder Lighteners from Clairol Professional

    Basic White

    Powder lighteners for healthy-looking highlights and special effects.

    See Basic White Collection
  • Kaleidocolors Collection from Clairol Professional


    These tonal powder lighteners tone and lighten hair in just 10 mins.

    See Kaleidocolors Collection
    7th Stage Crème Hair Lightener from Clairol Professional

    7th Stage

    Our crème lightener works on even the most resistant hair for up to 10 levels of lift.

    See 7th Stage Lightener
  • Shimmer Lights Collection from Clairol Professional

    Shimmer Lights

    Shampoo and conditioner formulated for silver/blonde or red and brown hair.

    See Shimmer Lights Collection
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